Document Search Engine Overview

Simple Document Search Engine

This page presents a comprehensive overview of the Document Search Engine Project, featuring an in-depth examination of the Project, Tools Utilized, and a Direct Link to access the product

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Project Summary

This semester-long project focuses on the development of a simple document search engine, designed in five stages. Each stage builds upon the previous ones, emphasizing the implementation of data structures, modular design, reusability, and software engineering skills. The project begins with the implementation of a basic storage mechanism using a hash table for storing and retrieving documents based on unique keys (URIs). In subsequent stages, students are tasked with adding undo functionality, exploring functional programming concepts, incorporating keyword search using a Trie data structure, and implementing memory management using a min Heap and BTree.

The stages involve developing storage mechanisms, incorporating undo functionality, implementing keyword search using a Trie, and utilizing a min Heap and BTree for memory management and document storage. This project offers a comprehensive learning journey, combining fundamental data structures with practical software engineering techniques.

Tools Used

JUnit Testing
OOP Principles
Advanced Data-Structures
Modular Programming
Test-driven development (TDD)